Startups, Sunshine + Launch Learnings

They put their Kickstarter success down to picking a desperate niche and hammering the message home.

Minecraft was ruining the lives of many-a-parent as their zombie kids couldn’t be pulled away from the world they were building. Rather than having a generic, all encompassing value proposition they poked the parents where it hurt. Genius!

When they raised the price to $89 it also raised the perception of quality and sales increased.

Then when they added a $129 merino wool tee to the range, sales increased again and didn’t cannibalise their $89 product. Their messaging and brand matched the price point which is really important for a startup.

If you can harness your company passion, teaming it with an offering your audience craves and can nail your key metric of retention, you can launch off the back of community, not press coverage.

He also talked about the opportunity to turn complaining customers into brand advocates by offering incredible support. If they care enough to complain, there is passion there. You just need to treat them like you really care and help right the wrong that they feel has been done.

To recap the Launch Learnings:

  1. Focus on a niche of customers that have a big, festering pain-point.
  2. Make sure your messaging matches your pricing, it doesn’t have to be a race to the bottom.
  3. Passion-led businesses have the power to launch on the back of community, not press coverage.
  4. The world is big! Don’t be afraid of constantly relaunching your product.



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Indiana June

Indiana June


Chief Community Officer @CodeBots_ I connect strategy and storytelling to transform business objectives into a community mission #community #sketchnotes